Top 10 Real Estate Markets in the Fox Valley

With the year quickly winding down, let’s look back and see how local real estate markets performed in the Fox Valley.

When we set out to write this post, the idea was just to rank cities in the Fox Valley by the number of closed sales.  We soon realized however, that doesn’t really provide much insight.  Of course the cities with the most sales would be those with higher populations and more amenities.  We would end up with a list of the tri-cities (St Charles, Geneva and Batavia) ranking at the top.

Perhaps a better view of where the action is would be by taking into account the population of each city.  So, after a quick visit to the U.S. Cencus website we were able to calculate more of a per capita approach.  Basically, we divided the number of closed residential sales into the estimated 2013 population figures.  This gives a percentage of sales based on the population.

So…enough stalling, the rankings below are sure to surprise you, they surprised us!

Real Estate Sales in the Fox Valley 2014

As you can see by the figures above, St Charles and Geneva ranked, but not nearly as high as one would think.

Here are some other cities that didn’t make the top 10.

  • Kirkland at 1.61
  • North Aurora at 1.46
  • Batavia at 1.39
  • Wayne came in 1.30
  • Big Rock at 1.12
  • Dekalb at .73

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