schoolsSchool has officially begun here in St Charles, IL!

All across town parents have loaded up their shopping carts with school supplies, picked out that all important first day outfit (with the help of their kids no doubt) and sent their little ones out the door to begin another year of learning.

With almost 5,000 elementary school students enrolled in St Charles School District 303, we wanted to take a look at how these schools stack up and how our young ones are learning.

We’ve put together an interesting infographic detailing student enrollment by school, class size, ISAT scores as well as what percentage of households in each school are on the move.

St Charles IL Schools Infographic

St Charles IL Schools Infographic (click to enlarge)

Here are some highlights;

  • The Davis-Richmond campus has the largest enrollment with over 1,000 students.
  • There’s a 3-way tie when it comes to student-teacher ratio.  Anderson, Fox Ridge and Wild Rose Elementary Schools average a class size of 22.
  • Highest ISAT scores go to Bell-Graham with 87.  This is 28 points higher than the state average!
  • And the school with the highest percentage of households on the move, Ferson Creek.  12.6% of households are listed for sale.

This information was gathered from, a website that details ISAT scores and enrollment information for schools in Illinois.  Data was also compiled from Midwest Real Estate Data.

Do you have children enrolled in St Charles schools?  We’d love to hear your input on your child’s experience with District 303 and show that school spirit!  Please, take a minute to comment below.

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