Current Home Prices in Campton Hills IL

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What have home prices been doing in Campton Hills this year?

Median home prices in Campton Hills IL have been holding steady since last year.  We’re currently seeing a median asking price of $490,346.  The chart below is a good comparison of median list prices vs. median sales prices in Campton Hills IL over the last year.  As you can see, home buyers and sellers were fairly aligned.  This is a good indicator that homeowners have the correct idea of what their home is worth.

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Are home prices in Campton Hills IL going up or down?

Home prices in Campton Hills rose 8.9% in September as compared to August.  The median sales price right now is $442,852.  Year-over-year home prices are up 3.6%.  Keep in mind that Campton Hills experiences a low volume of sales so these numbers are sometimes skewed.  Most homes are appreciating as they are in neighboring communities.

Is Campton Hills in a buyers or sellers market right now?

Inventory of homes for sale in Campton Hills is very high right now at 11.4 months.  Anything between 3-6 months could be considered a stable market so we’re well above that.  Inventory below 3 months puts us in a sellers market where prices can rise and market times fall.  Over 6 months and a buyers market takes over resulting in lower prices and longer market times.

What types of homes are for sale in Campton Hills right now?

A lot of Campton Hills homeowners may be concerned about foreclosures and short sales dragging down the market.  This is NOT an issue in Campton Hills.  You will rarely come across bank-owned or distressed property in this community.  Home prices in Campton Hills IL are not being affected by these factors.

How long is it taking to sell a home in Campton Hills right now?

The median market time for a home in Campton Hills is at 43 days.  This number has remained fairly stable this year.  However, this must be taken with a grain of salt as you can see by the chart below.  As before, when dealing with a smaller volume of homes in the market, statistics like these can swing greatly from month-to-month.  You’re best bet would be to contact a professional in your local market to seek guidance.

Want a rough idea of your home’s current value?

Fill out the form below to view an online analysis of your Campton Hills IL home price.  While not as accurate as meeting with us in person, it can help you determine if selling your Campton Hills home makes sense right now.

Looking for something more accurate?

The Kombrink Lobrillo Team at RE/MAX All Pro takes a very analytical approach to pricing your home.  Using a process similar to that of an actual home appraiser, our in-depth analysis produces a pricing strategy to get your home sold for top dollar in the least amount of time.  Combine that with our top notch marketing strategy and we’ll help you realize your real estate goals before you know it.

Contact our Campton Hills Listing Specialist, Matt Kombrink, today to arrange for a complimentary home pricing analysis of your home.  Matt can be reached at 630-488-3300.