According the the school rating site GreatSchools.org, Davis Richmond School serves approximately 775 students in grades K-5.  Davis Primary School teaches grades K-2 and is located at 1125 S 7th St in St Charles, Illinois.  Richmond Intermediate School teaches grades 3-5 and is located at 300 S 12th St in St Charles, Illinois.

Ratings and Reviews

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Ratings, reviews, and information from GreatSchools.org website are separate for each school.

Davis Primary SCHOOL

No ratings or academic information listed

Students per teacher 18 to 1
User Reviews 4.2 out of 6 reviews
School Website http://dav-ric.d303.org/

Richmond Intermediate School


Test Scores 8/10
Student Progress 7/10
Equity 4/10
Students per teacher 15 to 1
User Reviews 4.4 out of 12 reviews
School Website http://dav-ric.d303.org/

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